How can I find out if my employer does a background check on me?

Employers are required to disclose that they are going to do a background check on applicants or employees. Employers are also required to get written authorization from the applicant or employee before doing the check.

And, if the employer decides to take adverse action (such as not hiring someone, or firing them based on a background check), they are required to provide the applicant or employee with a copy of the background check before they take action.

Despite these clear legal requirements, many employers don’t follow the law.

Luckily, employees and applicants have other options. Just like everyone is entitled to a free annual copy of their credit report, people are also entitled to free copies of any file maintained on them by a background check company.

Berger Montague is committed to helping consumers get, and correct, information in background check companies’ files. Berger Montague attorneys are willing to help you get copies of your consumer files, free of charge. Or, the attorneys can provide you with the documents to request a copy of the consumer files on your own. Contact us directly from this page to get help.

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