Credit Report Attorneys - We Fix Errors

How can I fix an error on my credit report?

Our law firm, Berger Montague, can review your credit report for errors and work towards fixing any issues. We will begin by pulling your credit report, or if you already have a copy available, you can upload it by using the form on this page.

How do I access my credit report?

If you do not have it already, you can access a free copy of your credit report using Annual Credit Report’s website. You can complete the contact form on this page first, then send us your report once you receive it. We will contact you via email and phone to make those arrangements.

What things do you need to know before taking action to fix credit report errors?

In order to better assist you, we need to know certain details about the legal problem you are having. Typically, our lawyers look for the following in order to evaluate your claim:

  1. 1. What consumer reporting agency (credit bureau) issues the report you are concerned about?
  2. 2. What do you believe is illegal or inaccurate about your credit report?
  3. 3. How has the inaccuracy or illegality affected you? Have you lost a credit opportunity, a job, or experienced other losses as a result?
  4. 4. What steps have you taken, if any, to correct the inaccuracies or other problems with your report?
  5. 5. When did you last obtain a copy of your credit report?
  6. 6. What other information do we need to know about your concerns?

Let us help you fix credit report errors. Fill out the form below to begin (you may skip any question you do not know the answer to).